Duaghter of Wilma & Ben, June 25th 2006

Sent: Tuesday, October 20, 2009
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Hi Fredricka. Some new pictures of Dexter & Daisy

Richard E.

Sent: Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I hope you get this & can see my babies. Remember when you were worried about the puppy coming home, (you were concerned Daisy might be a little jealous) well the only worry I have is when Dexter decides not to move to the floor at night because there is no room in our bed. Daisy sleeps on one side & thank god Dexter only hangs out for a little while until the lights go out, then he moves to the floor. He is almost 6 months & weighs well over 100lbs.

Rick & Carly

Daisy puppy pictures 2006

Hello Fredricka,

Check out my beautiful Daisy !! Daisy born June 25th from Wilma & Ben. She is growing so fast. What can I say, we love her to death!. I watch my kids with her & see the bond, you would swear she’s their sister. She went to the vet yesterday. He says she is doing terrific. She has had all her shots. He will spay her when she is 6 mos. . She has started her obedience training, she’s much smarter than the other dogs. She is about 15 weeks now & weighs 40lbs. Enclosed are some pictures, enjoy.

Thanks again,

Rick, Dawn, Jake, Carly