Daisy K.

Sent: Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Subject: Daisy

Hi Lucy,

We “finally” made it home around 9pm. Long drive home and she behaved like a champ. Slept the first 2 hrs, and let us know she needed a potty break which we took about 5 times over the entire trip. Did not eat much on the drive home, but drank water and chewed on the bone.

When we finally arrived the kids were so excited to see her, but managed to contain their excitement until she got adjusted to her new environment. Amazingly enough she is adjusting beautifully. She has already found comfort in her large crate (have not tried the smaller one yet for sleeping). She ate well and did her business as expected.

Already made some chicken mush for tomorrow (it looks a little watery to me, almost like a thick milk). Keep your fingers crossed that we sleep through the night (for all our sake).

We are terribly excited to have Daisy, and look forward to the next 15 yrs with her. Thanks again for your detailed explanation of things. I’m sure I’ll get back to you soon with questions.