Cleo in Dubai, UAECleo

Sent: Sunday, October 06, 2002 9:55 AM
Subject: Cleo

Dear Fredericka / Lucy,

I hope all is well. We are all doing fine, and Cleo is doing great! She has settled in wonderfully and is growing fast, the last time I weighed her she was 45Kgs close to 100 lbs and still growing. We have just arrived from obedience school, where she has made many friends and is the center of attention, the class has about 12 dogs and she of course is the most beautiful.

She is doing well, she is well behaved and ever so gentle. Everyone who sees her wants to know where I got her from and fall in love with her. I am glad to say that Cleo was one of the best decisions of our lives, she fits in very well and keeps my wife and I company when I’m working late at home on my computer on the veranda or when my wife and I are having a late cup of tea before bed. She just sits there in between us both and falls asleep with that content look of having done a hard days work!

Play time last all of 20 mins, after that she quits on us and goes for a drink and power nap (1hr). I have attached some pictures, please let me know if you have problems opening them.

Regards………Yusuf and Family


Dear Fredericka, (5/7/03)
hope all is well. We celebrated Cleo’s birthday on 23rd March and had a great time. See is really doing well, loves being in the Sun and is happy and content. She is great with my 5 year old (Kareem). They are best of buddies and spend many hours just relaxing or having fun.

Regards, Yusuf