Son of Maggie and George
Born November 30, 2001


April 30, 2002

Dear Fredericka:
We are writing to give you and update on our beloved Chewbacca. He is from Maggie and George. He was born November 30, 2001; Chewbacca is five months old today and he is the love of our lives. He completed puppy class with flying colors and is currently excelling in his novice class as well. The trainer said “he has perfect temperament and is very easy to work with.” Everyone that meets Chewy loves him and comments on his excellent manners. We have even had offers from people that want to buy him from us but not a chance!!! He is our baby! Chewbacca took to house training beautifully, loves to play with his daddy Matt, snuggle with mommy (me) and get chased around by the cat. He is growing very quickly and at five months he is over 62 lbs. Our vet says he is in perfect health. We cannot thank you enough for bringing this large bundle of joy into our lives. You have developed nothing short of the perfect dog. Now we understand completely why “every home should have a mastiff!”

Matt and Melissa

CHEWBACCA (one year) with
GEISHA (fawn) at eight weeks

February 7, 2003

We have some pictures of Geisha and Chewbacca to share with you. We absolutely love our new addition, and Geisha has adapted so beautifully to our family. She and Chewbacca are the best of friends and play and nap together all day long. They are so close that they even insist upon eating and drinking out of the same bowls. If I put 2 sets down, only 1 gets consumed. When I take Geisha out for a walk, Chewbacca sits at the front door in a perfect sit-stay waiting for her return. he then showers her with kisses. They are just wonderful together and have made us so happy.

Geisha is the daughter of Angel and Ralph and was born 11-21-02 and Chewbacca is the son of George and Maggie and was born 11-30-01.

I will send you the pictures in a separate email and please feel free to add any you like to your website.

Thank you again for breeding such wonderful dogs!

Melissa & Matthew