aka Cassidy

Sent: Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Subject: Selection of photos of Cassidy, Summer 2010 (aged 9 months)

She LOVES to swim!!

Sent: Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Subject: Cassie at 9 months

Dear Fredericka Lucy,

Cassie was spayed yesterday, and I have sent you proof of the fact in the mail. Here are two new photos of her from this summer.

Anthony and Alison

June 27, 2010

Dear Lucy and Frederica,

Photos of Cassie!

Everyone is loving having her; here are some photos including a very funny one of the puppy training class.

Best wishes, Alison

From: “Anthony & Alison C.
Sent: Thursday, April 08, 2010
Subject: Cassidy


Cassie is doing very well, and is adored by all of us and, indeed, anyone who meets her! She is growing SO fast it is unbelievable. Here are a few photos attached for you to see. As you can see, she is developing an “interesting” relationship with our cat!