Buster L
In Memory of Charlie L

Charlie is the Brindle / Buster is the Fawn

Eli is the brindle puppy, here with Buster.

Subject: Re: inquiry
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2011
From: Caroline

Dear Fredericka,
Thank you so much for your email. We are so happy to hear from you.

Yes, Charlie’s death brought much sorrow in our life. He had a very happy life; John takes such good care of our dogs. He had started to slow down the past year and had arthritis in his hips but still liked to go for walks at times. On the day he died, we went for a walk together. He was actually very happy that day – as he was every day! That night, his breathing became very labored and we both knew that he was going to die. Only a few hours later he died at home. We still miss him every day.

John first purchased Charlie – and then Buster one year later – while he was living in Connecticut. We got married in 2007; I’ve enclosed photos from our wedding day! The dogs are our family! I have been a medical resident since we married; John stays home to take care of the dogs and the house. My second year of residency we were living in Boston and John added Pen-y (a female Pembroke Welsh Corgi) to our clan (I grew up with Corgis). The boys love Pen-y – they are very affectionate and protective of her. I have enclosed a number of photos – from our wedding day with Buster and Charlie, to different pictures with Charlie, John, Buster and Pen-y all spending time together. We are now in my last year of residency, finishing up in Houston, Texas, and are returning to the Northeast in July.

We would very much like to add another male Mastiff (any color) to our family when possible. We are extremely responsible dog owners; the dogs are part of our family. They are walked 1-2 hours daily (Pen-y requires more exercise than Buster). We have always had a fenced-in yard for them to play outside when they desire. Our dogs are obedient off- and on-leash. John and I weren’t sure whether you still wanted us to fill out the complete form as we have already purchased Mastiffs from you.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Caroline and John L.