2 years old

To: Fredericka
Sent: Sunday, January 28, 2007 6:15 PM
Subject: 13 pictures for you

Hi Fredericka, 

Hope all is well with you. Wanted to send you some updated pics of Bug. He is 3 now. He is 200lbs. He was up to 226 but it was a little much so he went on a diet. He looks really good and you can tell he feels a little better. He has a fairly large family. He has two cats and we just adopted a rescue puppy. Bug does awesome with everything that we bring into our family. It is like he knows they need a little extra loving care. He takes them under his wing and takes good care of them. He is a really good dog and is very loving and caring. He is one of the best things that has happened to our family and to all the rescued animals that we have brought into the family. We could never thank you enough for bringing him into our family. Take care, The King  family


Hello. It has been awhile since I have sent you any new pictures, I thought it was about time. Bug turned two in Oct. and is now up to a whopping 212lbs. He is starting to fill out now. It seems as though his neck is starting to get thick. We ran into a little difficulty with collars. We had him in the largest size that you could find in stores and nobody knew where we could find the next size. 30 inch is the largest stores carry. We finally found 32 inch on e-bay. We got tired of people asking us where his saddle was so we put one on him and took some pictures. Pretty cute huh. And it fit is the even funnier thing. He is doing great. Still Goes everywhere we can possibly take him. It is funny because on Sat. nights down town where we live they have an antique car show and we take him there. People know his name and not ours. They call us ” Hey Bug’s parents”. We missed a few weeks because it was to hot for him.. When we made it back to the shows people were asking where he had been. They notice when he is there and when he isn’t. We have stores say they want him to be their official greeter, and I tell them that he will work for food. Anyway, you think that things could never great any better and he is constantly making you laugh and showing you how much you are loved and how much you love him. He is our baby, he is wonderful. I couldn’t imagine ever having another breed.

Thank you,

The King family

This is little stray kitten we found. She is Bug’s new little sister. They share their afternoon snack together. Bugs always tries to carry her around in his mouth. He is careful not to squeeze her too hard. He has become very excepting of her wrestling his tail every time that he lies down.
This is Bug’s favorite way to jump up on you. I think he is to lazy to do it the other way. It is nice this way though, it is much easier on me. He would sit like this for ever as long as you are loving on him.

Hello. Just wanted to give you a Bug update. He just turned a year old on the 17th. This picture was taken that day. He weighs in at about 170-175 now and every pound of him is spoiled rotten. He has really learned to use his facial expressions to get what he wants. His favorite is the ” I am not going to speak to you anymore” expression . It really breaks your heart when you think he is upset with you. I have never seen a dog with so much emotion and so sensitive. He really gets his feelings hurt easy. He is loved so much. I don’t even think he knows he is a dog. He is such a lovable, huggable lump of fur. Thank you again so much.

Thank you, The King family

Bug, the lap dog!
At 170 pounds and still thinks that he has to be in your lap. The only way he fits in the recliner with you is if it is reclined all the way back.

Hello. Just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of Bug and give you an update. He is getting monstrous. He is almost 4 months old now and weighs 55 to 60 pounds. He is such a baby. He thinks he has to be in your lap every time you sit down. We try to take him out every chance that we get to socialize him and people love him and are amazed by him. He is one of the most sensitive dogs I have ever seen. He is so personable. He is great and is loved very much. Thank you again. He is a great addition to our family.


Bug as puppy eight weeks
Bug at five months with Kelsy, five years

Just wanted to send you an update on Bug. He is still as wonderful as ever. He grows so fast. When we got him Dec.27 he weighed 28 pounds. We have had him now just a little over three months. He is six months now and he now weighs 104 pounds. He is so beautiful and everybody still loves him every where we go. He went to an Easter egg hunt yesterday with our 5 year old. There must have been a thousand kids there, I think he thought he was in heaven. He had a visit to the doctor on this past Thursday. It was a visit to get his man hood taken care of. He got neutered, I will be sending you the paper this week. I felt so bad leaving him there for the whole day. He didn’t seem to angry with me. ha/ha Any way all is well and just wanted to let you know how he was doing and to let you know that he has been neutered. Hope all is well there.

Thank you, Steve, Tammi, Kelcy, & Bug