Brutus PoloBrutus P

April 21, 2006

We can not express to you the joy Brutus has brought into our home. He is a charming, well behaved and loving pup. We delight in his affection for our children. His attachment to me is incredible, he actually whines when I leave the room and will sit and look for me until I come back into view, I am certainly the “mommy” around here. He does have a love for my couch, which we’re trying to break, but he looks so cute up there it’s hard to keep a straight face. He is very smart as well. Whenever I take a picture he gets up and runs into the kitchen because he knows there is a treat on the way. He has been extremely easy to house break and is doing well on the leash. He is certainly the gentle boy we had hoped for and is the BEST addition to our family!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to become the proud owners of an American Mastiff.

Stephanie Polo

At his 4 month check-up he was 49.5 pounds. Amazingly, we think he grows overnight, because so many mornings he looks bigger then he did the night before.

Thanks again!