Brutus OC


BRUTUS: Father is BREGO X Mother Sophina

April 15, 2004

Hi Fredericka! I hope you, your family, and all the animals are well. Things are great here in NJ, because the rain finally stopped and the sun came out today! I noticed you have been updating your web site. We can’t wait to see some pictures of Brutus (Sophina x Brego litter born 1-30-2004) up there when you get time to do so! We check it out all the time because we love all the pictures. Brutus will be 11 weeks old tomorrow (Friday). Here are some pictures of him taken this week at 10 weeks old. Aren’t his eyes amazing? He is going to be the type of man to swoon all the women with a face like that. Please say hi to Robin and Lucy for us! Take care! Love, Jennifer Marie and family.