Brutus B

Neil III and Gretel’s son 2008

Sent: Sunday, April 04, 2010
Subject: Update on Brutus

Hello to you all at Flying W Farms. I have not updated you in quite a while on our Brutus, son of Neil III and Gretel, born in February 2008. Brutus is doing great. He is so sweet and loving and has grown in to quite a handsome young man. He is not as big as we thought he might be, but at 170 pounds he is quite impressive. He draws so much attention everywhere he goes. The most frequent comment we hear is “that is not a dog, thats a horse!” Even driving down the road, when we stop at traffic lights people want to take pictures of him. We take him out and socialize him as often as possible, and he loves playing with other dogs and children. As big as he is, he is so gentle with smaller dogs and children. He likes most everyone he meets, but on a rare occasion someone will come along that he does not like for some reason and he will give a warning bark to stay away, and we pretty much trust his judgment. For him not to like someone there has to be a reason and it does not happen often. We have a pond on our property and he loves to be in it. He won’t go over his head, but he loves to walk around the edges in neck deep water. His favorite play toy is his football and soccar ball. He also loves boat rides down the creek. He has been such a joy to us and we love him very much. We love him so much that we won’t plan any trips away from home that we can’t take him. If we have to go somewhere that is not dog friendly we won’t go for long. People don’t understand why we feel that way, but it is just a commitment that we made when we decided to get him. We hope to get on the list and get him a little brother in a couple of years. And if we get another one we will definitely take the time and spend the money to fly back to Ohio and get it. I am going to attach some pictures so that you can see how beautiful he is.

I hope you are all doing well and made it through the cold winter without any problems.


Sent: Saturday, July 05, 2008

Just wanted to update you on our big boy. Brutus is doing really well. We have already had him in puppy school and he gets lots of attention. I think he is pushing 70 pounds. He is loosing his baby teeth so his smile looks kinda funny right now. My daughter who is 19 laughs at me because when I found one of his teeth on the floor I said that I was going to put it under his pillow for the tooth fairy!

I just wanted to give you an update and send a couple of pictures that were taken on 7-3-08. He loves walking outside with us on our five acres of property and really likes wading in the pond. He is a very happy boy and has made us very happy also. I love to see peoples reaction when they see him and we tell them he is only 5 months old. They are just in awe at how big he is.

I can’t thank you enough for giving us this opportunity. It has been wonderful!


Sent: Saturday, May 17, 2008

I bought a new camera just so that I could start sending pictures of Brutus. We just finished our second puppy class today. Brutus did very well but after about 45 minutes he was pooped and the trainer let us watch the rest of the class. He is so understanding of the dogs and realizes that not all dogs can go for a whole hour. Also, Brutus is the baby of the group, most of the others are six months and up and are smaller breeds so they have more energy. But I was very proud of Brutus. He is very well behaved with the other dogs and minds his manners remarkably well for a 3 month old baby.

I hope you like the pictures. He is such a beauty!

Take care,