Bruin Rex B


Hi, Fredericka and Robin;

Bruin is growing in leaps and bounds but he is the most loyal and loving dog. He loves the kids and everyone around him. He is 9 months old already.

Thank you again for everything, Michelle B.

His name is Bruin Rex B! My son picked it!

He went to the vet this morning. They loved him. They said he was a big boy at almost 16lbs. They said the nutro large breed was good and to transfer him to nutro large breed adult in a few months. He will get his shots at 10weeks and continue then. They said his eyes looked great and body. They agreed with everything you had told me and said. They work with large breeds which is great. She said they usually neuter at 18month to 2 years depending on the dog and size. It’s better to let them grow and mature then neuter. He really is a sweet heart and he slept last night no crying or whining just country music and sleep!

Thanks, Michelle Lorie C