Boomer Lee

Sent: Sunday, November 02, 2008


We thought you would like to see pictures of Boomer. You were right. He is huge. He is tall….above my waist…..175 pounds. We took him to puppy training and he was the largest in the class. Ha! He loved socializing with the other dogs. We have yet to find a toy he doesn’t demolish in one day. One of the things we have found interesting is that when he has a bone, he will whine and whine until he finds a place to hide it or bury it. I have found bones in the hamper, waste paper basket and even in the dirt of plants. He and Hailey are so different personality wise. She is quiet and gentle where he is rambunctious …..just like kids. It’s not easy getting him to stay in one place for a picture. I just thought you would enjoy seeing how he has grown.