Daughter of Ben and Libby, Born September 02, 2004

To: Flying W Farms
Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2008
Subject: Re: a picture for you BLAZE6

We are all enjoying the snow up here especially Blaze. She is so funny to watch galloping through the snow scooping up the snow in giant mouth fulls. She never seems to tire out in the Winter. We are really excited to see pictures of our 165 lb female, Blaze on your website. Our family has always had dogs, but never one like Blaze. She has such a loving and devoted personality it is like having a sister in the family. Blaze is totally devoted and a constant companion no matter what we are doing. Sometimes you have to feel guilty moving about the house as she needs and wants to constantly be at your side. If the entire family is at home she will choose the room with the most family except at bedtime, when she will refuse to go upstairs until all family members have gone to their rooms on the second floor. She will not allow one person to stay downstairs alone. Blaze gets along with everyone and is the best known dog in the neighborhood. She will play with dogs ranging from a Chihuahua (our next door neighbors) to a Doberman she sees at the park. Her absolute favorite though are children. She seems to instinctively know that she must be gentle with them and just wants to give them kisses and coerce them into playing with her. Our house is always safe even though she is such a friendly dog. No person would dare to enter when we are away once they hear her roar. If an intruder would be stupid enough to persist one look at her massive size would send them scurrying away. If we are home Blaze can sense whether a new person is OK just by our behavior. She will always place herself between an unknown person and us. Never has she acted aggressively towards a stranger, but will not accept them till she knows her family does. I forgot to mention that she was awarded an AKC Good Citizen Award. She easily passed all the requirements for this when she was only 7 months old. She is now almost 3 1/2. Thank you again for giving the world the American Mastiff !

Best wishes to all at Flying W,

Sent: Friday, December 21, 2007 1:50 PM

Hi Fredericka, We’d love to see Blaze included in the site. We thank you for raising such wonderful dogs.Blaze is the love of our lives.

Previous email we received from Jim regarding Blaze when she was only eleven months old in 2005

Just thought I would share one of Blazes  finer moments. We had Blaze with us on our recent trip to  Northern Michigan camping. We attended a concert at Interlochen Arts  academy  which was attended! by well over five thousand people. Since Blaze obviously was not allowed in the concert I elected to stay out on the grounds with her. With all the people and noise plus the strange surroundings Blaze  was perfectly behaved. She was on leash but never wavered from my side. She was the center of attraction and attention to literally a hundred or more  people, most asking to pet her and wanting to know about the breed. She was a picture perfect walking advertisement for the American Mastiff and  Flying W. I never thought there were so many Mastiff owners but we met owners of English, French, Bullmastiff and Italian Mastiffs. I guess the Northwoods and good music attract owners of fine dogs. We gave the  address of your website to several people at Interlochen as well as to a young couple near our camp. They had been looking  for an English but now are considering the American due to the drier mouth. Blaze is now 118 lbs and 27in at her shoulder. She just turned 11  months. (almost one year old). (2005)

Take care, Jim