Brindle Female from Rufus II and Dixie Ann

Sent: Thursday, March 04, 2010
Subject: Bandit — Brindle Female from Rufus II and Dixie Ann

Hello Fredericka and Lucy, and everyone at Flying W Farms!

I wanted to give you an update on our new little girl Bandit, the brindle female from Dixie Ann and Rufus II . What a gorgeous, sweet little girl she is! She handled the 10-hour car ride home to Alabama like a pro, although by the end she was giving us this look as if to say “I hope this isn’t all you girls do every day, because this could get old”. You know how expressive those little mastiff faces can be (and the big ones too!). She is adjusting nicely to life in the South and is already ringing her bells when she needs to potty and fairly consistent with the command “sit”. My husband returned home from his business trip on Saturday and fell in love with Bandit at first sight. Thankfully the introduction between Bandit and our other AM Hero (a fawn female from Rufus and Kacie born on June 8, 2006) went perfectly — we only had to keep Bandit in the crate for a few minutes to ensure both girls were pleased with each other, and then we all went outside and chased tennis balls 🙂 Bandit is 100% smitten with her big sister Hero, and Hero for her part is doing wonderfully with the puppy. Bandit takes every opportunity that she can to snuggle up with Hero when they nap, and Hero seems to like the extra attention. It is simply adorable. I do believe that Hero is looking forward to Bandit getting bigger over these next few weeks though, so that they can really start playing together. Bandit’s first appointment with our vet Dr. Wiley was a huge success, and she received an A+ on her “report card”. Everyone at the clinic came in to visit with “Hero’s sister” (Hero is a bit of a superstar there), and they all said how pretty and sweet and healthy Bandit looked. I’ve attached some pictures for you from the drive home to Alabama and of Hero and Bandit getting to know each other.

We are just so thankful to have another AM as a part of our family. Thank you again for everything you do, and we promise to send more pictures and updates soon!

~Carrie and Chuck