Good bye to our loving friend

We can’t write a paragraph about her and a novel wouldn’t do her justice, either. Thirteen years of waking up to her fuzzy muzzle makes us wonder where the time went. From the moment we found her when she was merely 16 pounds at five weeks eating raw hamburger from our fingertips, we knew we belonged together. Don’t get us wrong, she wasn’t the “perfect puppy” rushing out to meet us, in fact, she looked at us like, “What are you looking at?” But it was love at first sight. We had no idea what joy she would bring us or how our lives would revolve around her but that’s what a family does to each of us – makes us realize the world is bigger and better when we’re together than when we’re apart. We miss her everyday and hope that we lived up to HER expectations while cherishing the times she made us realize that we are only human. God, thank you for letting us spoil her rotten and we hope she is nipping at the ankles of every saint up there like she did down here! Allison, Mike and Hobbes

Sent: Monday, June 28, 2010
Subject: Bailey at 13 year

Attached is a photo of Bailey taken last month, at the 13 year mark. Hobbes (9 years, also from the Flying W) is on the right. You will find more pictures of Bailey on your website on the first page of photos. She has brought so much joy and happiness into our lives.

Bailey passed in her sleep on Friday. She had slowed down a little over the last 5 years. Arthritis had set in in her hind legs and she didn’t move very fast, but still loved a short walk or a swim in the pool. She was the center of our lives for so long and we loved her more each year. I think she knew that we would do anything to keep her going and decided to go before we were forced to do that.

Please say a prayer for our little girl. 13 years, and more wonderful memories than any person has a right to have. Michael