Atlas M & TuskaAtlas & Tuska

Sent: Tuesday, January 16, 2007 12:17 PM
Subject: RE: Atlas & new puppy relations

Hi Fredericka,
Things are going great.
Atlas and Tuska (the Indian word in Hindi for BULL ELEPHANT) play all the time and somewhat respond to “OFF!” when we feel it’s getting to be too much for all involved. He was pretty much potty trained from day one, with the only real pee accidents being somewhat our fault. No poo accidents so far. Tuska has slept through the night every night. Tuska follows Atlas around, and walks so proud, actually he prances, when we go out for walks, as though he’s telling anyone who’s looking, “look at us!” Tuska sleeps at Atlas’s feet when we let him, and Atlas will sit by the door awaiting Tuska’s return if we take the puppy for a walk without him. They share water bowls and the outside faucet all the time even though they have separate water bowls. This is probably the best indicator that Atlas loves Tuska because the only time Atlas ever shows aggression to other dogs is whenanother dog tries to drink his water. (Interestingly, Atlas will always share his food with any dog; it is just the water he won’t share with other dogs except Tuska. In fact he usually will let Tuska in to drink even if hewas there first.) Atlas will let other dogs take his toys (usually) if he can take theirs, but with the puppy, he lets Tuska take his toys all the time without aggression. If Tuska has a toy around Atlas will usually take it but not always. Atlas and the puppy are inseparable, and constantly playing. Atlas is very gentle with the puppy, even when the puppy isn’t being gentle with him. If I call Atlas to come, he will usually respond, and then stop to see if the puppy is coming too, and will wait for the puppy. If I take the puppy out for a walk (usually together with Atlas but not always) Atlas will wait for the puppy to catch up. If I take the puppy out without Atlas, he will wait by the door for the puppy to return. Atlas usually will sleep next to our very near the puppy and vice-versa. If the puppy wakes up while Atlas is sleeping, then the puppy will climb on Atlas and instigate play. On Monday the puppy got a clean bill of health from the vet and weighed in at 31 lbs. Atlas weighed 17 lbs on the same scale at the same age.

Thanks again Fredericka for another wonderful addition to our family.
As Roger Carras once said, “Dogs are not my whole life, but my life would not be whole without them.”


Michael & Manjit

Sent: Thursday, January 18, 2007 6:30 PM
Subject: FW: atlas and puppy attached

Dear Fredericka,
Attached is a new photo of Atlas and Tuska after a play session. I’m sending this not to show you how well there getting along but to show you how much he has grown in two weeks. He is not huge, he is gi-normous as my niece would say. At eight weeks and three days, Atlas was 17 lbs, and Tuska was 31 lbs at the exact same time period on the same vet scale. Atlas was 12″ at the withers at nine weeks, and Tuska was 17″ at nine weeks. He has already completely out grown his first crate(a cat carrier) and second crate(20″ x 20″ x 24″). Do you have a spare horse stable you could send, we’ll need it in about 2 weeks.

Thanks again for another awesome dog.