Ryan and Abe at eight weeks

February 7, 2003
Dear Fredericka

We just had our local vet check Abe. I am not sure who received the highest marks, you or the puppy. The vet was very impressed, Abe’s bite, heart, mouth, lungs, and hair coat, etc. all checked out well. The vet said that it is obvious that the puppy has excellent blood lines and comes from an above the average breeder. After all of the attention that I received from onlookers, I told my wife that if I were a young man trying to get attention from young ladies one of your puppies is the trick. Everybody is impressed with Abe’s charm and good looks. He is a blessing.

Thanks again



May 7, 2003
Dear Fredericka,

Here are some pictures of Abe. He’s now a little over 5 months and pushing 85 pounds. Yet for all of his weight he’s all legs and head.

Abe is an incredible puppy. He’s never chewed on anything except his toys, doesn’t bark unless very startled or wanting to play, adores our sons and two pound dogs and is a total show off. We are currently in level one obedience classes and he thinks the “stay” command means roll over on his back and put his paws over his face. We laugh at him every day from some new antic he’s come up with. Abe is also a favorite at the gas station, bank and church office where we are required to stop for visits so people can see him and give him treats.

Again, thank you for bringing such joy to people through your pups. Becky


Sent: Wednesday, September 03, 2003 2:38 PM
To: Fredericka Wagner
Subject: Abe

Hi Fredericka,

We’ve had Abe since February and he is an incredible joy to our family. At nine months he’s about 130 pounds of good looking pup. Abe is very obedient, does great in public settings with lots of people, loves kids, is very attached to all of us, but especially me-following me from room to room regardless of how long I stay there. He is a bit spoiled; in the evenings he watches TV with us; Abe still sucks his “thumb.” Since we brought him home, he’ll occasionally put his dew claw in his mouth and go to sleep that way. It is hilarious to see a dog his size suck his thumb. So, needless to say, we love and adore our dog Abe, highly recommend the breed to others along with your website, and are considering a second one in a year or two 🙂

Thanks again.



April 8, 2004
Dear Fredericka,

Thought I’d email a picture of Abe and our 13 yr. old son. I have to say again, I love my dog. It’s funny how he responds to each of us as family members: he’s very submissive to my husband, the “Alpha” male. He always goes to him first in the morning for his ear scratching and pets. He shadows me constantly from room to room. I thought when the boys were older I’d be left alone in the bathroom. Now it’s Abe that has to be in there with me (or the laundry room, or the kitchen, or the …..). If I’m not around, then he does the same with my youngest son. Abe loves the two older boys, but maybe because they are big, he doesn’t seem to “mother” them as much, although he still loves to be around them. He wants to be in the middle of everything we do. If the boys are throwing a football, then he’s perfectly content to lay in the middle of the yard and chew his toys while they play. If my husband and I are out on the porch swing, then he needs to be close by so he can play with his toys but keep an eye on us at the same time.

Abe is very social. It was hilarious the other day when my mother-in-law brought her miniature pinscher to our house for a visit. Abe had no problem with another dog in his yard and the two dogs played together very well. It was like watching a little colt and a Clydesdale running around chasing each other.

Well, thanks again for our incredible dog.