Abby T

Abby of Sara & Duke II

Sent: Wednesday, February 03, 2010
Subject: Abby T of Sara & Duke 2

Lucy & Frederika

So today is Abby’s 1st birthday!!! She’s officially hit 125 lbs. She is so sweet and loving! If you leave, even for 10 mins, she greets you like you’ve been gone for 6 months. She is extremely nosy. Doesn’t matter what we’re doing, if we’re at home, Abby is right there literally a half a step behind us making sure she’s not getting left out of something fun. She’s just like a kid! Absolutely everyone who meets her comments on how beautiful she is. We call her stunning. I’m trying to talk my husband into letting us get her a brother or sister, but he’s not up for 300 lbs of dog in the house at one time. Any way, I just wanted to keep up on my promise to send updated pictures and her first birthday seemed like a good time to do so!

Hugs to you guys and each and every one of your babies too!

Lee, Michele, Riley & Abby

Sent: Monday, July 06, 2009
Subject: Abby of Sara & Duke II

Lucy –

Hello Hello Hello!

I hope all is well for you in Ohio.

We are just absolutely in love, love, love with Abby! She has brought more joy, happiness and warmth to our home than we could ever have imagined! I know you’ve probably heard it all on how wonderful these dogs are, so I won’t get all sappy on you. She is happy, healthy and loved to the max!

I have attached a few pics. They’re about a month old now, but you can see how amazingly beautiful she is!!!!

She was 68 pounds on Friday! She’s been gaining about an average of 4 pounds a week. Everybody comments on how big her paws are, but it’s the tail that gets me. That thing is huge! I can’t wait for her to grow into it. We joke that most dogs just chase their tails, but Abby’s is long enough she actually catches it no problem at all. You can always tell where she is in the house too – not that she’s ever far from where we are J – because her tail can be hard just a wagging away against the bathroom door or the living room floor or what have you.

I have also attached the receipt from the vet. She was spay on Friday. She was pretty much out of it all day Friday, but Saturday morning she was right there ready to go like nothing even happened. She doesn’t hold a grudge for even a minute. She smart enough to know if she’s not listening or behaving and when you’re upset with her, then just waits for you to call her over to play/snuggle and all is forgiven! If only children were as loving 100% of the time J

Thanks for all you’ve given us.